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A litle about us

One third of the fund invests in companies in the Crypto Currency and Blockchain sector. Due to our high profile in the sector from very early on we are offered opportunities to co-invest in the biggest 'Series A' high growth deals in the Crypto Currency and Blockchain sector.

Paying daily dividends to investors by doing all the geeky mining for them to generate a position in Bitcoin for as long as it is profitable. We offer a unique model whereby we invest one third of all funds in mining (The process used to create new coins) that is used exclusively to pay daily dividends to investors (in Bitcoin) for as long as the mining process is profitable.

Investing in high risk, high return Crypto Currencies and Digital tokens. One third of the fund invests in Crypto Currencies and digital tokens. We invest in longer term growth coins where we believe in the story rather than short term coin speculation. Max Keiser was the first to let the world know about Bitcoin on a large scale, the first to announce Litecoin on a large scale as well as Ethereum and many other Blockchain technologies.

The Ultimate Choice For You

The first direction provides hardware crypto-mining of the main crypto currencies. In particular, MInerCore Limited carries out the mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherum Classic. You need to upgrade the ASIC miners on a regular basis and to use new, modern, powerful and fast mining stations in order to make the mining process successful and high profitable at all times. MInerCore Limited places its mining farms in regions with minimal electricity prices, focusing on overhead costs optimization in the crypto currency mining. The company also pays close attention to the latest developments in the field of hardware mining and the development of new specialized chips that are used for mining. In addition, MInerCore Limited is constantly developing its own software: recently, the company’s specialists developed a new unique controller that is capable to increase the miner speed by 20%, which also significantly reduces overhead costs and, accordingly, increases the company's profit. All these measures of hardware mining development and optimization of expenses pursue one goal - to increase the company's influence in the international market of pool mining and create the prerequisites and real prospects for MInerCore Limited to be on the list of the majority holders of Bitcoin wallets in the nearest future.

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Crypto Mining Profit

  • 0.2%-0.4% Daily
  • Period: 510-930 Days
  • Minimum: $ 20
  • Maximum: $ 50,000
  • Principal Include

Sponsor Bonus

Unilevel Sponsor

  • 1% Level 1
  • 2% Level 2
  • 2% Level 3
  • 1% Level 4
  • 1% Level 5

Crypto Mining Profit(Matching)

  • 1% Level 1
  • 2% Level 2
  • 1% Level 3
  • 1% Level 4
  • 1% Level 5
  • 1% Level 5

Why Choose Us?

Any investment in the financial markets is a potential risk. E xperience and professionalism which are expressed in high, but what is more important – in stable profitability of investments, shown by our Company, can minimize the risks.

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